Dad and Mom sailing on Indian Lake. 1970s.

Dad (James “Gene” Rier) and Mom (Louise Johnson Rier) loved to sail on the Sailfish. When I was small, Dad built a sailboat they both enjoyed on Indian Lake.


Dad sailing with my brother David in the Bucks Harbor Race, 1981. This is one of my favorite photos of Dad. Now that’s a happy face!


As kids, my brothers and I spent many hours on the Sailfish, and we continued to sail as adults.

Me sailing on Indian Lake about 2006.


My son, Jason, sailing on the Sunfish, summer 2018.


This year, as in other years, the Passamaquoddy Yacht Club taught children ages 10 to 17 the basics of sailing. Wonderful to see!


Me completing the boat captain course in Rockland, Maine. 2012. Now that’s a happy face!


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3 thoughts on “Dad and Mom sailing on Indian Lake. 1970s.”

  1. Sailing is such wonderful fun! I had a Catalina 22 for a number of years and learned to sail, but just didn’t get out on the water enough, because it was a long drive and hassle to get the boat in and out of the water. Someday, I hope to crew on a seagoing vessel. Nice pictures!

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    1. Sailing IS wonderful fun, listening to/watching the wind, learning how to work with nature. My favorite is sailing on a small lake in a Sunfish and the boat is pulled up to my beach. No driving! Going out on the sea is wonderful too but entails much responsibility and skills. Crewing is fun. I hope you get an opportunity to do so. I’m pleased that you liked my pictures!

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