“Voices of Ancestors” One Year Anniversary of the Blog

Stories about my ancestors and family from Downeast Maine gained over 13,000 views from over 6000 visitors in over 40 countries. Here are the most popular posts with over 200 views in case you missed them!

Mom Hanging Out with Friends.

Visiting the Gravesites of My Great and Great Great Grandfathers. James Keegan Sr. and Jr. families.

The Mystery Locket Necklace.

One of Dad’s Projects in the Late 50s and Early 60s.

This Old House: Secrets in the Attic.

My Dad James Eugene Rier.

The Union Republic. Machias Maine. November 12, 1931.

A Strange Burial.

After 23 Years in Business Dad’s Car Dealership Burned to the Ground.

Stats for All Time. Countries Views

United States 12,788

Canada 234

Thailand 116

Romania 111

Australia 103

United Kingdom 87

Ireland 56

Spain 22

Japan 22

India 22

Germany 21

New Zealand 16

Netherlands 13

Poland 10

St. Lucia 7

Mexico 7

France 6

European Union 5

Brazil 5

Turkey 4

Greece 4

South Africa 3

Malta 3

Philippines 3

Serbia 3

Switzerland 2

Suriname 2

Norway 2

Ukraine 2

Austria 1

United Arab Emirates 1

Iraq 1

Finland 1

Denmark 1

Saudi Arabia 1

Malaysia 1

Morocco 1

Croatia 1

Hungary 1

South Korea 1

Sweden 1

Indonesia 1

Egypt 1

Pakistan 1

Kenya 1

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