My Uncle Paul and Aunt Alice. Circa 1944

My Dad’s brother, Paul Rier, served in the US Army Air Corps at West Point, Stewart Field, NY during World War II, as did Dad (James Eugene Rier) and their brother Francis (Babe) Rier. They were from Lubec, Maine. This photo was found among my parents’ old photos of those years. Dad and Mom often posed for each other and developed the photos in a dark room. This pair of photos was taken in my parent’s apartment on a lounge chair my father built.

Uncle Paul was so handsome and my Aunt Alice was beautiful. We called her Aunt Winkie but I’m not sure why. Another story to discover!


4 thoughts on “My Uncle Paul and Aunt Alice. Circa 1944”

    1. Yes, the heads of hair ARE kind of amazing, especially considering Uncle Paul was in the military. I guess big hair was the style at the time! The lounge chair had a slanted back and a curved seat that brought your knees up. It had a beautiful deep maroon leather pad that snapped on. I was still using it in 2006 until I moved to a smaller place, then had to store it. It lasted over 60 years! I’d attach a photo to this comment but have no idea how to do it!

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    1. My cousin and I talked about the nickname Winkie. Her Mom (Paul and my Dad’s sister) told her that it was Paul’s fond nickname for her. Nicknames for spouses were common at this time in Downeast Maine. We only learned recently that the name Winkie was not used once they moved to California. She resumed her given name of Alice. Perhaps nicknames were not cool or common in CA!


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