My Ancestry DNA Results Arrived Yesterday!

I am a DNA novice so I’m busy exploring what it all means: migration patterns of my ancestors from 1700 through 1925, and my DNA matches with 652 fourth cousins or closer. As yet, I have not figured out the meaning of 150 ethnicity regions and the numbers associated with them in my profile.

I am particularly fascinated by the 6% Iberian DNA. There is much to learn!






7 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results Arrived Yesterday!”

    1. You know, I waited for a long time. Talked myself out of it. But when the price dropped before Christmas from $99 to $59, I gave a big Christmas gift hint to my eldest daughter 🙂 Hope you do your DNA one day soon. It’s quite fascinating!

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    1. Yes, I hesitated for years due to cost. And, I thought it best to trace my ancestors with vital records. But couldn’t resist the Christmas sale at Ancestry reduced from $99 to $59. Actually I put it on my Christmas wish list and my eldest daughter’s family gave it to me as a gift. Too bad the price is high in Japan. It’s important to gather data from around the world. Japan has such interesting history and genetic heritage!

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