Did you grow up in Machias, Maine in the 50s and 60s?

Do you have any photos of the games we played in the neighborhood with lots of kids of all ages?  Winter or summer. Playing ball at the Dodge field, gatherings at the field behind the Mace’s house running all the way to Emma Means’ backyard. The pond we skated on in the field in back of Cooper Street Extension. Sliding at St Regis or on the hill in Whitneyville at the top of the Crosscut road. Yard games. Our annual Memorial Day bike trip to six mile lake.

I’m writing a story about growing up in Machias in the 50s and 60s and all the adventures we had playing outside. I find that I have photos of kids, one or two at a time, groups of kids at birthday parties, but can’t find any of our outside activities together. I guess we were too busy to bring our cameras!




5 thoughts on “Did you grow up in Machias, Maine in the 50s and 60s?”

    1. My name Fred Chadwick , we arrived in Machias march 1942 my Father was Elbridge S. my mother Sarah sisters June Alma brother Gerry lived on Allen Ave.

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      1. Fred, you probably remember my parents, Nonnie and Elsie (Reynolds) Johnson. I knew June and Roddy and their children, Roddy was my father’s best man. I also knew Alma and Donnie all my life. I met Gerry in the 70’s when we were assigned to the same USAF unit in Nebraska. When my mom came to Nebraska for a visit, we went to Gerry’s home to visit him.

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