My Great Great Paternal Grandfather, James Keegan. My Irish Roots.


He was born October 6th, 1812 in County Meath, Ireland and immigrated from Dublin to Trescott, Maine in 1836 at the age of 24. He was naturalized as a US citizen in 1843. He died February 8th, 1879…

Source: My Great Great Paternal Grandfather, James Keegan.


2 thoughts on “My Great Great Paternal Grandfather, James Keegan. My Irish Roots.”

  1. I remember that Raymond told me that some of the first Irish settlers of Lubec dug homes for themselves in the side of a creek bank and lived there before they could actually build homes. Had you ever heard that story?

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    1. Uncle Raymond told me that the original James Keegan home was dug into the ground to keep warm. I believe he also said that there were still remnants of that home in Trescott (early 2000s) – so I didn’t think it was temporary. But, the creek story makes sense when the Irish first arrived. I have been told that they were in desperate condition, at least those that were turned back in Boston and NY – went to Canada – and then to Trescott. After reading your comment, I consulted the 1881 Atlas of Washington County. I can’t find the home of James Keegan in Trescott but I found the home of T. Keegan, who was my great grandfather James Keegan’s brother, Thomas. Interestingly, his home is near Saunders Meadow Brook and beside homes of Murray families. My great grandmother was Margaret Murray. I’ll have to do some exploring in Trescott this summer!


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