Tintype Photographs in the Old Family Albums

I recently looked again at the tintype photographs, seeing more information about dating them at phototree.com. The photo above is of J. Frank Robinson, Boston Mass. and dated October 31st, 1866. The studio was Richardson’s Ferrotype, Ambrotype and Photograph Rooms, 120 Hanover Street, Boston.


Beside this photo in the album is another of a man taken at the same studio, but there is no name on the back.


In this old, old photo album of my ancestors, there are more tintype photographs of the same era, a woman in braids in Sioux City, Iowa and two children with no studio stamp on the back. The embossed window frames on the children’s photographs indicate that they are circa 1869s, early 1870s.

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The woman appears to be of native American heritage. I do not know who she is, whether she an ancestor, friend or relative, nor do I know the identity of the children. I do know that my ancestors in the Getchell/Means/Berry families migrated from Maine to Boston, California and many other states across the country.

Learn more about TintypeAmbrotype and Daguerreotype photographs.

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2 thoughts on “Tintype Photographs in the Old Family Albums”

  1. The woman whom you thought may be native American has a standard English or Scottish face. The flowered hat with strings hanging at the sides is typical of the era. Women of similar appearance and dress are seen in America, England and Scotland. The period is about 1860 from her dress and she may have been born 1775-1790. If the photograph is from Maine she will have been born there or in Massachusetts. Maine was then a part of Massachusetts (until 1820) and some people continued to move from Massachusetts to Maine. Jack

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