A Story About Stephen Otis Johnson

given to me by Phil Watts, a history buff and close family friend from Roque Bluffs, Maine. My maternal grandfather, Ezekiel “Zeke” Johnson, grew up in nearby Kennebec and was a descendant of Stephen Otis Johnson. I don’t know the origin of the story or its authenticity, but it may contain hints that aid research on this branch of the family. Stephen Otis Johnson was born in England, the first Johnson ancestor who came to this country and fought in the Revolutionary War.



This post is dedicated to the memory of Philip S. Watts, a second father to me.

“I can tell you one thing about the Johnson family,” Phil said. “They were all PRECISE.”

He told me that a woman in the Johnson family (I’ve forgotten her name now) kept the records of births and deaths in the town of Roque Bluffs for many years.

He continued, “After the records were turned over to the town office, she was called upon many a time when there was a question about documents and she made corrections.”

I laughed. “Well, that explains my mother’s penchant for precision. She could see a crooked curtain or hem instantly. And, she always edited my writing.”

I don’t consider myself precise. But, I can’t stand the sight of a crooked curtain, picture or hem. I could edit my writing forever. I admit, I have a few family members who will remain unnamed to protect their identity, who are most definitely precise.

Philip Watts’ Revolutionary ancestor was Samuel Watts who jumped aboard the Margaretta with my ancestor Joseph Getchell Jr. in the first naval battle of the American Revolution. Samuel’s sister, Hannah Watts Weston, was a heroine of that battle.

I wonder if our ancestors knew that hundreds of years later, their descendants knew each other, grew up around each other, and talked about history, our proud history.




3 thoughts on “A Story About Stephen Otis Johnson”

  1. We traced our ancestors back to Stephen Otis Johnson as well. Our grandfathers name was Adin L. Johnson, his brother was named Zeke. Our fathers name was Thomas Francis Johnson And was born in North Vasselboro, Maine. Enjoyed this posting would be interested in more information. Thank you.

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    1. So our grandfathers were brothers! My grandfather was Zeke. Their parents were Jesse Warren Johnson and Sarah Jane Marston. I’d be happy to share information with you. It’s so nice to find another cousin Dolores!


      1. Hello, some number cousins via the Johnsons and Marstons. My grandparents were Everett Lincoln Marston Jr. and Myrtle Alice Johnson Marston. My G. Grandparents were Everett Lincoln Marston Sr. And Jessie Norton, William A. Johnson and Alice Octavia Woodward.
        The Johnson line go’s directly back to Stephen Otis Johnson. Who I also have heard was an impressed crewman on a British ship and that he jumped ship and joined the American side during the revolution. The story about Washington is probably just family legend, but who knows for sure. Gary Roberts, Appleton, Me

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