A Tribute to Dr. Eben H. Bennet of Lubec, Maine

by Eleanor Roosevelt (who spells his name Bennett). Dr. Bennet began practicing medicine in Lubec and surrounding villages in 1876. He died in 1944 at the age of 96 when the First Lady wrote this tribute in her syndicated newspaper column “My Day.”

Dr. Bennet delivered Franklin and Eleanor’s son, Franklin Jr., on the island of Campobello in 1914. When Roosevelt was fell ill with poliomyelitis while on vacation at their Campobello cottage in 1921, Dr. Bennet accompanied Franklin and Eleanor back to New York City. His son Dr. DaCosta F. Bennet followed in his father’s footsteps and practiced medicine in Lubec almost until his death in 1975.

I was surprised to find that Dr. E. H. Bennet delivered my grandmother, Elizabeth Keegan Rier, in 1892!




5 thoughts on “A Tribute to Dr. Eben H. Bennet of Lubec, Maine”

    1. You never know what you’ll find digging into family history. I began to wonder who was delivering babies in the woods of Eastern Maine in the late 1800s. I Googled the doctor’s name who delivered my grandmother and was surprised to find that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt had written a tribute to him!

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  1. I was thrilled to find this, thank you with all my heart. I remember my Grandmother, Grace Weston Watts Williams talking about Dr. Bennet years ago. He was her grandfather who lived in Lubec Maine across from Campobello and diagnosed FDR’s polio. I was named after his daughter, Cecilia Millicent Bennet, my Grammy. I also remember her speaking about a man with a wonderfully unusual name, “Dacosta” , and talking about an “Uncle Fitz”…. I wondered if the initial F in Decosta’s name was Dr. Bennet’s son (and wondering if it was a nickname. ) Thank you again for publishing this wonderful material.

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    1. You’re very welcome Cecelia! I was so surprised that the doctor who delivered my grandmother in 1892 was also the Roosevelts doctor and had diagnosed his polio. Such an interesting story of dedication to medicine, both for Eben and his son! Someone commented that Eben’s daughter was also a doctor in Portland, if my memory serves me. What an impressive family!


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