Mom Hanging Out with Friends

Machias and Roque Bluffs, Maine. 1936 to 1942. What did girls do? Well, pose on a cool car.


Hang out around their homes. Swing.


What else? Hang out at the Cemetery, of course. Does anyone know Mom’s friend, dubbed “Tombstone Annie”?


No one grows up in Machias without spending summer days at Roque Bluffs. You might even bring your mother.


Why not have a picnic with the Border Control guys, teach them how to pick cranberries. Gather families together for a good time. Girls, top photo below: Mom, Louise Johnson (Rier), and Muriel Clemmons (Watts).


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3 thoughts on “Mom Hanging Out with Friends”

  1. Sherry, what a beauty Louise Johnson turned out to be and a miracle that you have these pictures to show the wonderful fun at the Bluffs, et al! I had graduated WSNS and gone to my 1st teaching job at that time. Had forgotten all about the Border Patrol….thanks for the memory!


  2. These are great, Sherry! Loved your Mom…….she was the person I wanted to be when we were growing up! It is amazing that you have these pictures and now to write the stories to go with them. And Muriel…..lovely to capture their daring moments together.


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