Mom and Dad. Halloween Rotary Party. 1976.

Machias, Maine. James “Gene” Rier and Louise Johnson Rier.

Dad and Mom both had a sense of humor. This photo makes me smile. I especially enjoy Dad’s costume, his crazy glasses, red flannel dress, black stockings and a garter. Mom seems to be a ghoulish worker woman in overalls, red handkerchief scarf, cool mask and shower cap. They make an attractive pair.

Today, I can hear them laughing, and see them smiling.

This is another photo of a Halloween party, circa 1960s.


L to R. Phil and Muriel Watts are in the Native American costumes, behind them ?, Connie and Richard Young (he’s a skunk!), Dad, and a lady I do not recognize beside him.

I know it’s Dad because I recognize the striped flannel shirt, and the coolest mask and wig ever. I used to retrieve them from Mom and Dad’s attic and scare my kids. Then they each took turns, ran around with mask and wig, and scared each other at random.

I wore that wig and mask to a Halloween party at the Grange Hall in the 70s. No one recognized me for the entire evening. It was great fun!

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