My Great Grandfather’s Books

Yesterday, I took his library books out of storage, looking for a place to put them. I live in a small space. I am dedicated to minimizing my possessions. But these books need a home, at least most of them. In 2007, I retrieved them from the attic, sorted out books in good condition, all published in the late 1800s. Some I kept because of their interesting titles. Somehow the attic with its wide boards, beams and rafters protected many old things. When I gaze at the books, I imagine his library that became the sitting room for my family. It had a beautiful fireplace with a burnished wood mantle. The books he collected tell me something about William Gordon Means, my great grandfather.

I shall organize these books and let them tell me where they will go. But, that will be another day. My back is killing me from moving the boxes of books. Thus, my activities are limited today and I share them with you.

Black Beauty. Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates. Greek Grammar.



2 thoughts on “My Great Grandfather’s Books”

  1. You’ve found many treasures in these books. To be able to hold and read a book that was once in the hands of an ancestor is PRICELESS !!! I gave my daughter Mary a book that belonged to Mary McDonald and I also gave my daughter Katie a book that belonged to Kate McDonald. Mary and Kate both taught at Machias . I believe they both taught with Rose Gaffney.


    1. This is true. Our ancestors books are priceless! They seem to hold their memories, as well as their interests, and enjoyment of reading a good book. What year did Kate McDonald teach in Machias? A Kate McD is mentioned in my grandmother Harriet’s letters and I believe her name was Kate McDonald. She was well loved. Perhaps a relative?


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